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 christmas wreathHoliday Schedule

We are open from 7:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M, Monday through Friday. 
Flexible schedules to meet every need including emergency care. Holidays are similar to those of the Public Schools. We are open 12 months except for the latter part of June. Our Academic year is August to June. We have a summer program in July and August.
person writing a checkTuition
We provide the best value for your money and our tuition is perhaps the lowest in the area.
an appleFood Policy

The School does not have kitchen facilities. Parents must supply morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack for their child. There is a microwave oven for foods that need to be heated. Since we teach good eating habits, please provide nutritious meals. Soda and candy are prohibited.

picture of a hurricaneHurricane Policy
Parents will be called by 6:30 A.M if the school is closed.




Administration of Medication:

Medication will be administered only after written approval of the Parent. Medication permission slips can be obtained at the front desk. Prescription medication must be prescribed specifically for that child. The container in which it is stored must be labeled with the child’s name, directions for use, the name of the medication and the date prescribed. All directions must be in English.


Sick Policy:

Sick children should not be in school. If a child has a temperature of over 100 degrees or shows signs of any sickness, the Parent will be notified immediately. If a child was out of school with a contagious disease, a Doctor’s note stating he/she is ready to return to school is required.


Pick-up procedure:

If a child cannot be picked up on time due to a particular situation the School needs to be notified sufficiently in advance. If this becomes a habitual problem the Directress has the authority to impose a late fee of $1 for every minute of tardiness. If no parent has arrived to pick-up their child within one hour of closing and if no authorized person can be contacted, the School will contact Child Protective Services for assistance.

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