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In a Montessori classroom, the equipment invites the child to do work. The material allows the child to re-enforce his/her casual impression by using their hands for learning.
For most of the time, the Montessori teacher observes the child and when the child makes a mistake, the child is allowed to discover their own error through further manipulation of the self correcting material. The child learns through experience which is a positive approach unlike a traditional school who would point out a mistake.
Although Montessori is an academic program, each child is allowed to learn in his or her own time. The first goal is to allow each child to experience the excitement of learning by his/her own choice and readiness and at the child's own pace.
The second goal is to help the child perfect all the natural tools for learning so that the child's ability will be at a maximum for future learning situations.
Montessori prepares a child for a traditional kindergarten by pursuing the child's individual interest in a Montessori classroom where the child gains an early enthusiasm for learning which is the key to the child becoming a truly educated person.
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